A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It’s funny how a random picture taken on an 8 megapixel iPhone camera can have the same or even elevated effect to news media as a professional shot taken in the wake of war zones can. It’s kind of exciting that someone can be the lucky one to be in the right place at the right time and get that viral shot. Citizen journalists are the future.

With the current craze of social media and smart phones, photojournalists are everywhere. While the majority are not trained professionals actively seeking out breaking stories, citizens do offer a different perspective to the everyday American. Generally a simple iPhone photo will not speak to an audience in the same manner as one carefully crafted by a photographer. However, citizen journalists oftentimes connect more personally to stories and can tell them in a deeper way, making it easier for audiences of all types to relate.

“While verification can be a minor obstacle for photojournalists using social media as a resource, it lies at the heart of the ethical and aesthetic issues of crisis reporting.” – Jared Keller

Yes, the validity of photojournalism is often called into question. However, we can’t forget how it gives a story a face, or a setting, or a bigger picture. Consumers are enabled to see for themselves what is going on. News media would be completely different for the worst if photojournalism wfile000912201749as to do away. A good photo can tell a story without words but we must not forget supplementary photos to breaking stories that also aid in our visualization of an event.



There is nothing that can replace the feelings that one feels when given a lens to see the world for its true self.


An Interview with a Public Relations Professional

Careers in public relations involve an impressive amount of versatility. Not only does one have to know the inner workings of PR, but one must also possess skills and knowledge in related fields such as marketing, advertising, and communication. In a recent interview with Sarah Lukas, Director of Engagement and External Relations in the Creighton University Alumni Office, she described her work as “conducting an orchestra” to make sure that every person is doing their piece to make sure the project, event, or program comes together. Sarah Lukas is a prime example of the versatility needed to go far in the PR world.

While maintaing two titles, Ms. Lukas conducts herself with poise. Ms. Lukas plans events and oversees projects and programs on a daily basis in the Alumni Relations Office and as a Freelance Event and Wedding Planner for S.Lukas & Company, she is tasked with a leadership and organizational role over all vendors and details, while offering consultative advice for clients. Both positions allow for a great amount of variety and a chance to work with many different types of people.

Sarah Lukas thoroughly enjoys her job and expressed many positives to the positions. She states, “I get to utilize my skills and talents while working with a lot of different people.” She also gets to travel quite a bit and has been provided with great networking opportunities.

My interview with Ms. Lukas one hundred percent affirmed my desire to go into the PR field. She told me that it takes a positive attitude, the ability to multitask, think quickly on your feet, and communicate effectively. The event planning portion of Sarah Lukas’ job appeals to me the most. I am the kind of person that likes to make sure every detail is in order and work behind the scenes. I thrive in group projects and I love sharing ideas with other people.

It’s exciting to see that there is so much versatility to her job. She knows how to do so many different things and I’m sure no two days are the same. This interview allowed me to broaden the scopes of what I can do with a PR degree. The fact of the matter is, the lines are so blurred between PR, marketing, communications, etc. that I really do need to be able to be flexible. Ms. Lukas is such an inspiration for what I would hope my future career path to look like.

So what exactly is PR you ask? Check out this video for an idea.