A Millenial’s Testimony to Social Media

Everyone remembers their first email address. You know, the one they created in 7th grade without their parents permission in order to create an MSN messenger account and MySpace profile? Mine was softball.lova12@live.com. I feel like you can tell a lot about a person by examining their first email account. Some people used kitty_luver95 or soccerroxmysox.36, but whatever it might have been, that was the beginning of it all.

I’ve had a variety of social media accounts throughout the last 7 years; Bebo, MSN Messenger, Myspace, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. I seem to go through ebbs and flows with each site. In middle school I was that rebellious pre-teen who got a Bebo and eventually Myspace without her mom’s permission and spent hours each night chatting with classmates using God awful acronyms such as ROFL, G2G, BRB, and TTYL. Eventually I grew out of that phase and officially switched to the “dark side” and became a Facebook user. Originally, I got a Facebook account because I kept getting Farmville requests from my friends. After months of using Facebook I decided to delete my Myspace account in 2009 because I thought it was too difficult trying to keep up with 2 social media sites. Boy, I wish I still had that mentality! 

Today I use multiple social media outlets AND have access to all of them at my fingertips all hours of the day. Long gone are the days that I only had a pink Motorola razor phone and limitedIMG_0976 access to the family computer each night. I am completely immersed in a digital world all of the time and I cannot imagine even looking back for a split-second. Here you can see a screenshot of my iPhone6 and the social media apps I use on a daily basis:

I use social media for all aspects of my life. Whether it’s to make plans with friends, inform others of cool events coming up, express myself through artsy pictures, get ideas for projects, read news articles, stay in touch with family across the country, or promote myself professionally, social media has so many more applicable uses to my life today than it did just 5 short years ago. It is a little concerning that social media is literally tied to almost every aspect of my life but I kind of like that. I feel as if I wouldn’t be as informed of things going on around the world or in people who are important to me’s lives if I took myself off the grid.

I am excited for this JRM327 class to learn about all of the positive benefits to social media in promoting business or my “personal brand.” Social media is the future and it is refreshing to take a course that is so relevant to the now.

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