Good Bye Social Media, But Not Really

“It’s been quite the semester. We’ve talked personal branding, content-marketing, analytics and social media policy. We’ve had two field trips, guest speakers and pie. We have talked about the good, the bad and the ugly of social media with success stories and public shaming. We’ve tweeted, LinkedIn, Google+’ ed. We sometimes check our Klout scores. We got a chance to learn more about The Union for Contemporary Art.”

– Dr. Carol Zuegner

My biggest take away from this semester is how to be an impactful presence online. I’ve learned the importance of my personal brand and engaging in conversations. After all, social media is social right? I’ve created a habit of checking my Klout score daily and even entered into a little friendly competition with others. I have a huge anticipation for the future. There’s so much to look forward to in the years to come with journalism. There is so much room for growth, change, and new ideas. Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.19.48 PM

As a result from this class, I view social media in a completely different light. I’m guilty of thinking that anyone over the age of 40 shouldn’t be on social media. Now I understand that some of the most meaningful presences online come from older generations. The online media of today is changing the face of journalism and that’s exciting. I loved this class. I am so blessed to be studying in a field where my homework is to create an account on LinkedIn or post of Google+, or Tweet a few more times a week than usual.

Social media is a platform that constantly changes. I am changing too. The fate of journalism is unknown; the future is coming. I’m confident that the Journalism, Media, and Computing Department at Creighton will continue to prepare it’s students for what lies ahead.


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