JRMourning the End

It’s been quite the semester. Scratch that. It’s been quite the 4 years in the Journalism, Media & Computing Department.

“We’ve explored — really just touched the tip — of entrepreneurial media and some of the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur. We heard from entrepreneur Bryant Ott. You survived the elevator pitch. You developed your own ideas for a new product/company.”

-Dr. Carol Zuegner


#JMCAwesome Seniors

My biggest blessing from this Entrepreneurial Media class, and honestly the last 4 years in this department, is the connections. The wonderful people pictured to the left are going places. I feel so lucky to have studied, succeeded, failed, laughed and struggled with them throughout this crazy thing they call college. The people that make up the this department have become family.

Not only have I built lasting connections with the students and faculty, but this class taught me how to make connections with strangers. The ability to break the ice and start a conversation with a random person is something I’ve always prided myself on. However, when our class took a trip to the Bailey Lauerman networking event, I got to put that skill into practice. I met a several professionals who I eventually connected with on LinkedIn, which will serve me well if I ever decide to enter the field. (Currently I plan on pursuing a degree and career in Student Affairs).  

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SocialAbroad Executive Team

Another huge takeaway from this class revolves around an anticipation for the future. I’m grateful that Creighton provides it’s students with an ever-changing curriculum that meets the needs of today’s journalistic society. The future of journalism and mass media is unknown. Therefore, taking a class that quite literally teaches you how to start from the ground up is so important. Stretching my creative capacity and coming up with an idea to pursue further as a business is something that will serve me well; many journalists will have to do this in the future to stay relevant.

The final takeaway from JRM599 and quite possibly my favorite aspect of the class is an ability to present an idea creatively and professionally. Above is a picture of my team after our final business plan presentation for our app, SocialAbroad. While I didn’t enjoy it at the time, doing an elevator pitch taught me how to consolidate information in an engaging way and speak from my brain instead of a notecard. Preparing the final plan allowed me to think of creative ways to engage the audience. The skills I learned that relate to public speaking will be absolutely invaluable in my future career.

I can’t believe I am done with all required classes for my journalism major. Not walking into Hitchcock 204 or 205 everyday will be an adjustment. I absolutely cannot imagine my Creighton experience if I had chosen something different. Thank you Carol and the rest of the JMC faculty for teaching me marketable skills across so many fields. Your guidance and leadership over the last 4 years has been so inspiring. 


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